The death of fiscal conservatism


UPDATE:  Oh.  And, George Soros has decided that Henry Paulson’s bailout plan wasn’t bad enough.  So, he has offered his advice on how to further nationalize the private sector.

Soros also believes the government should take direct action to shore up the ailing housing market.

The Paulson plan “addresses only one half of the underlying problem — the lack of credit availability,” he wrote.

And, according to Bill Clinton, deregulation is not to blame for the financial situation in the U.S.

Former President Bill Clinton says deregulation of financial institutions is not to blame for the mortgage market mess.

Clinton was asked in an interview if he regretted signing legislation in 1999 that repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, which had separated commercial and investment banking.

Oh.  And, Hillary Rodham Clinton is ready to lead the way on the boondoggle bailout in the Senate.

“I certainly would support the Senate going first, so long as we have the votes … as early as tomorrow if that’s what would make this process successful,” Clinton told reporters by phone Tuesday.

Oh! Oh!  And, the FDIC wants “unlimited borrowing authority from the Treasury Department.”  😯   

* * *

Well, the Senate is ready to take up the bailout issue.  Guess where McCain and Obama stand on the earmark stuffed behemoth in the Senate.  🙄

This whole thing reminds me of raising the shamnesty tactics from the ashes to brush them off and give it another try.  So much for the anti-bailout Republicans and Democrats in the House the other day that beat back the bailout attempt there.  We survived the carnage all of the dooms day prophets were predicting, if we didn’t pump close to a trillion dollars into the private sector to nationalize it.  I wonder when GWB is going to get it.  Very few in D.C. seem to be able to keep things in perspective

Better get on the horn to your senators: 202-224-3121.  Don’t bother trying to e-mail them.  You won’t get through.  🙄

* * *

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  1. This bill stinks in so many ways, it’s hard to believe that any Senator is so beholden to special interests, and SO opposed to freedom and the American people, that they would vote for it.

    But the idea that this is supposed to pass with lots and lots of support honestly shows how really, really far out of touch with the working man these senators have become.

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