Bias? What bias? That? That’s not bias.

H/T to Michelle Malkin.

Just because the Boston Globe is pushing Barack Obama handbags for $46.80 in their online stores, when they don’t have a similar items for John McCain, doesn’t make them biased, right?  What?  It’s not like there is an expectation to give equal time and representation or something.  Is there? 

Of course, this is the same paper that spreads lies about Sarah Palin and then refuses to retract their stories, when facts prove their assertions wrong.  They’re in the tank…errrr…the bag for Obama too, it would appear.

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  1. […] is so hard to keep up with all of these people that are in the tank or in the bag or whatever it is these days.  Gwen Ifill wants more on “policy […]

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