Palin does more than hold her own. She cleaned house tonight.

The Drudge Report

Source: The Drudge Report

Palin: “Bingo!

Almost 3/4 of the folks in Drudge’s poll think Palin won.

Greta Van Susteren is singing Palin’s praises. 😯

Frank Luntz’s focus group went overwhelmingly for Palin following the debate.

Commenters/viewers over at Michelle Malkin‘s blog saw it as a Palin event throughout the night.

And, I agree with all of them. 

Biden’s up. Can he not bash Bush in the next 90 seconds.

He’s tiiiiiiired. Gravel-voiced. Deflated.

But his forehead is really smooth.

Biden ends with a “God bless America” and a “God bless the troops” — the kind of thing the Christian-bashers would flog Sarah over.

Bottom line:

Sarah rocks. Biden’s tired.

Palin rocked tonight! 

First, I would like to see all the Sarah doubters and detractors in the Beltway/Manhattan corridor eat their words.

Eat them.

Sarah Palin is the real deal. Five weeks on the campaign trail, thrust onto the national stage, she rocked tonight’s debate.

Preach it, Michelle!  Sarah-cuda!  No need for “drunkblogging” tonight.  😉

Fred Thompson is on FNC now with Chris Wallace.  He is laying out how she rocked the night too and how Joe Biden blew it.

Take the Insta-Poll and tell us who you think won.  87% for Palin, when I cast my vote.

Oh, geez!  Claire McCaskill on with Chris Wallace now.  She’s upset because Palin wouldn’t stick to Ifill’s script.  *sniff*

* * *

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  3. Great post–I linked to it tonight after the debate. Palin did great!

    Cristy Li

  4. Only 5 weeks into the job, kicked from pillar to post by the Dems and their leftist supporters, savaged by those 3 ugly women on The View, written off by most media commentators and yet she still comes out a winner. Sarah Palin is surely the coolest woman in US Politics, and the bravest after Hillary Clinton.

  5. Claire McCaskill and the rest of the Women in the elite MEDIA and WASHINGTON have become laughing stock.


  6. […] Palin does more than hold her own. She cleaned house tonight. « The Right Daily […]

  7. […] Palin cleaned house last night as she rocked Washington University in St. […]

  8. alin cleaned house last night as she rocked Washington

  9. I was wondering last night how conservative media could possibly spin the debate to make Sarah Palin sound victorious. I was not disappointed by today’s AM talk shows and blogs. It’s hard to believe anyone listening to Palin’s performance last night would feel confident about having her represent our country to foreign governments. She would make a great Talk Show Host, the next Rikki Lake even. But VP, or potentially P itself? No.

  10. Great post and dead on!

  11. I wanted to like her…I did. But I found myself frustrated and saddened by her unwillingness to answer many of the questions she was asked, and to drop the “folksy” attitude. It’s a debate for federal office, not a BBQ.

    Every time she opened her mouth, I knew she would either 1) say maverick, 2) use some home-town-colloquism, or 3) play girl-next-door to soften people up (e.g. wink, “say it aint so”, etc).

    In short, I dont want a down-home hockey mom…I want an experienced leader running this country. Who cares what sex she is, or that shes friendly, or whatever else… Keep in mind, she would be next in line for the presidency…do you Honestly thing she could run the country based on her Alaska experiences?

  12. Strength, Grit and Grace!

  13. I, like you, i am a Sarah Palin fan.

    I came across your site through Michelle Malkin’s site.

    My blog is the Tygrrrr Express.

    If you feel it is of a high quality, please consider a link or blogroll exchange.

    Also, I get a decent amount (not Malkin-sized!) of traffic, in case you have anything
    you would like to promote.


    eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

  14. […] debate – where she cleaned house, even with the liberal double-standards, as well as Biden’s license with facts and […]

  15. Imangold: relax! She only had a short period of time to capture the hearts and minds of millions of people and she did it. Don’t forget she’s the gov. of the largest state and she’s the most popular of all of them. She’s accomplished more in two years than most of them have done in their careers. She has more accomplishments than Joe Biden and Obama combined. She’s a doer and not a talker. She’s that “citizen-politician” the original framers had in mind and millions see it. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. There is one leadership quality that jumps out about her in everything she has done in her life;that is courage. She just fearlessly walked up to all her detractors, stood up to the MSM, political machines and hate groups and slapped them in the face with a smile and a wink. Has Obama done anything even close to that?

  16. […] face it.  Sarah Palin just performed too well for the MSM’s liking last week AND she is taking their candidate to task over his relationship with an unrepentant […]

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