That’s not the Larry Walsh that Barack Obama knew, right?

UPDATE:  It turns out that the FBI may not have raided Larry Walsh’s office in Will County, IL, as previously reported.  Walsh and his staff deny any raid by the feds but do acknowledge that they met with the county auditor, as reported. 

A Will County, Ill., county executive and his chief of staff dismissed an FBI probe linked to their office in local press reports as political chicanery on Friday and insisted they had not been contacted by the federal bureau.

“We do know they came down to talk to [county auditor] Steve Weber,” Matt Ryan, chief of staff to Will County Executive Larry Walsh, said of the FBI’s visit to the county office building onWednesday…

The original article in the Washington Times has already been amended from the way it appeared on Friday.  But, the Times, along with the Chigaco Tribune still leave the likelihood of an FBI investigation well in play.  There appears to be no further update in the Tribune from the Wednesday article.
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Larry Walsh with Barack Obama

Larry Walsh with Barack Obama

Uh, oh!  Another one of Barack Obama’s buddies, Larry Walsh, had his office raided by the FBI, after they met with the county auditor the other day.

Gov. Rob Blagojevich (Source:

It was Rod Blagojevich, the Illinois governor, the other day.  More over at Fort Hard Knox on Blagojevich. 

Now, it’s Larry Walsh, the Will County Executive and former-state senator.  Does Walsh have Obama to thank for all the attention from his own earmark disclosures?

  • In 2006, Obama requested that Will County receive $1.3 million to support its Flood Studies for Unincorporated Will County.
  • In 2006, Obama requested $800,000 for the Will County Sheriff’s Office Wireless Communications Technology Upgrades.
  • In 2006, Obama requested $1,953,331 for Will County’s Ridgewood Water and Sewage Project.
  • In 2005, Obama requested $2 million for the Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois, to establish a Center for Academic and Community Learning, which is designed to address the significant educational needs of the less advantaged in the Will County region by providing academic assistance not only for students on campus but also for residents of the surrounding communities.
  • Another reference appears to relate to the Will County Health Department’s mental health program which I am informed got another $1.95 million.
  • Ahhhhh, yes.  The Chicago way.  I wonder when Larry Walsh will be added to the video, perhaps right after Blagojevich. 

    Change should start at home, Sen. Obama. 

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    1. Looks like the WP was in error:

      “The Times erroneously reported on Friday that the FBI had raided Mr. Walsh’s office, which is in the same building with Mr. Weber’s office. “

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