Blatant Obama bias from CNN? You don’t say?!

Well, knock me over with a feather!  Who would’ve thunk that CNN, that bastion of unbiased journalism, would have taken sides in the ’08 presidential race?  /sarcasm off

You know, Soledad O’Bamarien “rigging a post-debate poll result right in front of your eyes” is pretty darned blatant, even for the MSM. 

As Glenn Reynolds notes, “It was in the script — the show of hands was irrelevant.”

Check out the still-frames of the video over at HotAir and count for yourself.  It really puts it into perspective, when you can take the time to really look at how many hands are up, when each option is asked.  Maybe Soledad needs something like that too, because real life moves too fast for her?

Okay.  Like AllahP notes, “Apparently there were 32 people in the group, meaning at least a few are out of frame. Maybe they all broke blue?”

As the Creative Minority Report says, “Hey, how about a roll call, Soledad? Now to my eye, it looks pretty evenly split. I counted 12 for Biden and 11 for Palin. But take a look for yourself.”

Megan McArdle doesn’t seem to appreciate the impression that Soledad’s pathetic counting leaves with viewers.  😆

I’m sure Michelle O. is not “dissatisfied” with Soledad’s and the rest of the MSM’s efforts for The One‘s campaign. 

Let’s face it.  Sarah Palin just performed too well for the MSM’s liking last week AND she is taking their candidate to task over his relationship with an unrepentant domestic terrorist (Now, Obama claims ignorance), won’t apologize for it, and they are going to do their part to tear her down.  Crowds on the campaign trail want her to “tell people about the real Barack Obama,” even in California

Remember, the Associated Press started crying about “racism” over the domestic terrorist connection comments. By the way, the AP continues to run interference for Obama on other issues too.

This isn’t the first or the last we will see out of the MSM carrying water for the DNC and Obama this election cycle.  We already knew going into the only VP debate that the moderator was in the tank for Obama.  And, remember Chris Matthews calling Sarah Palin “a dolt?” 

Well, now, Harry Smith of The Early Show isn’t pleased either and feels compelled to wag his finger at the McCain/Palin campaign.  Keith Olbermann even injects his P.D.S. into football commentary.  Oh.  Don’t worry.  It’s not just football.  It’s in baseball too

Barbara Walters, the washed up MS hack and now-host of The View, had to inject her cheap shot today by referring to Gov. Palin and her baby, Trig, who Walters says “bothered her” by being present at the debate last week.  Liz Trotta felt compelled to dehumanize Trig by calling him “it” on FNC on Sunday.  🙄

Evan Thomas of Newsweek is doing his part too.  Jon Meacham of Newsweek intimates that Palin is “too much a commoner and too stupid to be allowed to become vice president of the United States of America.”  Check out the Oct. 13th cover:


“She’s one of the folks (And that’s the problem)?”  Yes.  Heaven forbid that we actually have someone in office to whom we can relate.  Perish the thought!  🙄

Check out the Oct. 13th coverstory of Newsweek.

Let’s just call the MSM what they really are – tools.  You decide which kind they are.  😉

Maybe Dr. Helen could help them out with their P.D.S.? 

* * *

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  3. Your headline should say “blinded by Blatant McCain Bias from Faux…oops Fox News”.

  4. Um, yeah…there’s a reason there is a ‘bias’ against Sarah Palin. In most cases, when someone is unqualified and completely out of their depth in a situation, but pretending that they know what they’re talking about, and BELIEVING that they are qualified, then a person might say… you’re a fake. That’s all the media is doing. It’s impossible to NOT see that Palin has no business being on the VP ticket. She has no original thoughts, is not a deep thinker, has no curiosity about the world around her, is an egomaniac (only an egomaniac doesn’t blink or think twice when asked to be Vice President of the United States, especially someone with little experience), and the worst is that she has no self-reflection. She doesn’t question her own skills, her timing, her qualifications, her knowledge… nothing. So yeah, the media has a bias against her because she deserves to have a bias against her. Apparently, many Americans want a “Joe Sixpack” in the White House. Those who do should be ashamed of themselves for wanting an average, mediocre, regular person as the potential President. Shouldn’t we require higher intelligence, intellect, knowledge, and so on, from those who serve us? No? I know nothing I can say could sway a Palin lover, because for a Palin lover, it’s all about the image, not about reality. I have yet to hear one person on the Right tell me why Palin is a great choice for VP.

  5. Try this Postergirl…

    Sarah Palin has more executive experience than Obama and Biden put together. Why? Because they have zero executive experience. So, as far as that goes, Sarah Palin had more executive experience on day one as mayor of Wasilla than either Obama or Biden do now. But, even after serving as mayor, Palin went on to become the chief executive of the largest state in our nation, a state that actually make vital contributions to our energy independence. Obama was a community organizer, then a state senator and now, a U.S. Senator. None of those are “executive” experience. Biden’s been a U.S. Senator for 36 years. Again, no “executive” experience. We are talking about the election for POTUS and VPOTUS.

    So, we are talking about the chief executive of the U.S. and his running mate, who would replace him, if some tragedy should occur.

    Of course, there is issue with Obama and Ayers, Obama and Wright, Obama and Pflegler, Obama and Rezko, Obama and Blagojevich, Obama and Walsh, and the list goes on.

    And, just for the record, Obama is the only guy I really know that gets one job (from state senator to U.S. senator) to start looking for another (POTUS). You realize he has spent the vast majority of his term as U.S. senator running for POTUS, right? Did you realize that? Or, does it really matter to you?

    So, if you want to talk about “unqualified” and “completely out of their depth”, look no further than the former-community organizer, turned state senator, turned U.S. senator now aspiring to the office of president. He can’t even function without a teleprompter. They don’t afford those in the middle of a crisis.

  6. Right Daily – I agree that Obama doesn’t have enough experience either, but it doesn’t negate the fact that Palin has too little experience and KNOWLEDGE of the national and international issues to be VP, or President, should it come to that. And she is governor in the largest state by SIZE, not by population! Her state is a microcosm and she has, from what I’ve read, had no interest in the rest of the nation, or the world at lart, not even having had an opinion, it seems, on the Iraq war until recently. What does she ever say about foreign policy? Nothing, she just repeats talking points and speaks in generalities. And as for loyalty to the nation, she’s been living with a guy who belonged to an organization who wants to seceded from the U.S., and has attended their ‘conventions’. Does that not give you pause? I still don’t hear anything about why she is qualified. If McCain had picked someone like, say Condi Rice, that would have earned my respect. I may not agree with Condi’s policies, but there is no doubt she is worldly wise, a deep thinker and knowledgeable about issues both domestic and foreign. Palin is a joke and I know that while some Republicans love, her, plenty are also embarrassed about her.

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