The elusive SNL “Bailout” video

Here’s the elusive SNL “Bailout” video, in case the transcript and stills weren’t enough for you, that NBC keeps trying to make go away.

If that one disappears, go here to watch on a website dedicated specifically to this elusive SNL segment.  Check out their fair use disclaimer:

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Legal Threats


Please call +1 206 456 1414 or email to make legal threats, I’m very interested in deposing Lorne Michaels, the Sandlers, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and George Soros.

These videos just keep being sucked down the memory hole, at least the ones not resulting from the “do-over” where NBC has edited out the parts drawing the most heat for them.  SNL and NBC have “standards“, ya know, at least when it makes the wrong people mad at them.  😉

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