Bias? What bias? That? That’s not bias.

H/T to Michelle Malkin.

Just because the Boston Globe is pushing Barack Obama handbags for $46.80 in their online stores, when they don’t have a similar items for John McCain, doesn’t make them biased, right?  What?  It’s not like there is an expectation to give equal time and representation or something.  Is there? 

Of course, this is the same paper that spreads lies about Sarah Palin and then refuses to retract their stories, when facts prove their assertions wrong.  They’re in the tank…errrr…the bag for Obama too, it would appear.

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Facts don’t get in the way of P.D.S. Just ask The Boston Globe

PhotoShop by David Lunde

PhotoShop by David Lunde

Jim Geraghty has an intersting piece over at CampaignSpot on the Boston Globe‘s piece insinuating that then-Mayor Sarah Palin charged victims for rape kits.  I guess the folks at The Globe didn’t see the financial records, where the city did actually pay for the rape kits, huh?  The Globe‘s faux reporting overlooks which Alaskan cities were actually named in the legislature’s hearings on the issue.  Psssst!  Wasilla was not one of those cities.

I believe that the Globe should print an immediate retraction of this obviously slanted hit piece and provide readers with the truth.  I realize that is a novel concept for the MSM but they really should give it a try. 

Fight the smears.  The Globe’s phone is 617-929-2000; . Corrections are urged to be sent to and the listed phone number is 617-929-8230.