Preach on, SarahCuda! [UPDATED]


UPDATE:  I don’t think Sarah Palin is too worried about their smears.  She says the “Associated Press is wrong.”  That’s the way she sees it.  😉

Palin’s giving it back to them by defending her comment.  That won’t stop the MSM from trying to come to the rescue of The One.  Of course, the MSM is not quite as bizarre in their antics as the British media is about Palin.

Oh!  And, did you hear that Gwen Ifill thinks Palin “blew her off” at the debate?  Yep.  Here’s the full transcript from the Meet the Press segment, where she whined about that.  How long before she breaks her card out again?

See?  This is what you get, when you best their candidates in a debate, Gov. Palin.  Keep it up!  🙂

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UPDATE:  Well Obama’s water-carriers in the Associated Press are not happy with Gov. Sarah Palin taking Barack Obama to task over the William Ayers relationship or something, after they finally figured out there was a connection between Obama and Ayers.  I guess the AP couldn’t have the NYT and CNN carrying all the water on that issue, as noted earlier in this thread yesterday, huh?   Are they toting his card for him too?  😉

H/T to Michelle Malkin

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The debate – where she cleaned house, even with the liberal double-standards, as well as Biden’s (that would beJoe Depot” to you) license with facts and reality – is over and Sarah Palin is wasting no time settling into the standard VP candidate’s role of attack dog for the campaign.  For one, she takes Obama to task on accusing our men and women of “just air raiding villages and killing civilians.”

Speaking to Fox News on Friday, Sarah Palin indicated for the first time that she does not consider Barack Obama qualified to be commander in chief and sharply criticized him for saying last year that U.S. troops in Afghanistan are “just air raiding villages and killing civilians.”

Calling Obama “reckless,” Palin said that where she comes from Obama’s remarks “disqualify someone from consideration for the next commander-in-chief.”

“Some of his comments that he’s made about the war, that I think, in my world disqualify someone from consideration for the next commander-in-chief,” said Palin. “Some of the comments he’s made about Afghanistan, what we are doing there, ‘just air raiding villages and killing civilians.’ That’s reckless.”…  (read more)

Remember when Obama said that in August 2007?  I bet Obama/Biden hope you don’t.  But, as luck would have it, it was preserved for posterity in video on YouTube.  😉

He just accused the men and women of our armed forces of war crimes.  Did you catch that?  Here, just in case it helps to see it in written form:

We’ve gotta get the job done there,and that requires us to have enough troops so that we’re not just air raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous problems there.

That is something Americans should not forget anytime soon.  Barack Obama wants to be Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces and he has accused them and our NATO allies of war crimes in one of our fronts in the War on Terror.

She’s aldo taking Obama to task on “palling around with terrorists,” while she was in Colorado.

Sarah Palin, using some of her strongest language to date to question the character of the Democratic presidential nominee, accused Barack Obama on Saturday of “palling around with terrorists.” 

Palin, speaking at a closed fundraiser in Colorado, was referencing Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers, a founder of the 1960s radical group The Weather Underground. That relationship was examined in a front-page article in The New York Times on Saturday. 

“This is not a man who sees America as you see America, and as I see America,” Palin said. “Our opponent, though, is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect — imperfect enough that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country. Americans need to know this. … I think, OK we gotta get the word out. This is in fairness to the electorate we gotta start telling people what the other side represents.”

You can trust the New York Times to try and whitewash the whole Ayers connection to Obama.  Would you expect anything less from the national fishwrap of record?  But, wait!  CNN is doing their part to whitewash it too, including citing National Review to debunk Palin. 

Right about now, I think the last thing Obama/Biden wants to do is “bless her heart.”  Don’t you? 

Oh and, by the way, “Bubette,” Deb.  Come on.  Don’t compare the SarahCuda to Slick Willy. *blech*

Oh!  By the way, Ace of Spades is live with the Palin tour in Carson, CA.  Make sure and check out Ace’s dispatches from the road with Gov. Palin.  He’s updating regularly.

By the way, did you know that William Ayers is using cartoons to spread his ideas?  No joke.  The Judicial Confirmation Network has an ad out about Obama’s relationship Ayers, as well as Tony Rezko and Jeramiah Wright.

Don’t forget about Obama’s other buddies, Larry Walsh, the county executive in Will County, and Rob Blagojevich, the Illinois Governor. 

Are we about to see “a can of whoop-ass” being opened up on Obama/Biden by the McCain/Palin campaign?  It looks like we might, according to Jake Tapper.

So, what else might we see in the weeks ahead from the McCain/Palin campaign.


Facts don’t get in the way of P.D.S. Just ask The Boston Globe

PhotoShop by David Lunde

PhotoShop by David Lunde

Jim Geraghty has an intersting piece over at CampaignSpot on the Boston Globe‘s piece insinuating that then-Mayor Sarah Palin charged victims for rape kits.  I guess the folks at The Globe didn’t see the financial records, where the city did actually pay for the rape kits, huh?  The Globe‘s faux reporting overlooks which Alaskan cities were actually named in the legislature’s hearings on the issue.  Psssst!  Wasilla was not one of those cities.

I believe that the Globe should print an immediate retraction of this obviously slanted hit piece and provide readers with the truth.  I realize that is a novel concept for the MSM but they really should give it a try. 

Fight the smears.  The Globe’s phone is 617-929-2000; . Corrections are urged to be sent to and the listed phone number is 617-929-8230.